Guitarist, singer & composer Christophe Godin began his musical journey as a local guitar hero in several bands which, fortunately, never left any trace…

In 1995, Christophe releases an album with french famous metal band Temple that will be properly distributed in France and receive a wave of positive reviews.

In 1996, he plays on Guitare Attitudes (XIII bis rec.), a compilation featuring top french guitarists, that will allow him to regularly appear as guest guitarist on french tv’s famous show Nulle Part Ailleurs (Canal +).

In 1997, he creates, along with Ivan Rougny and Jean-Pierre Frelézeau, the Mörglbl Trio !! and releases two albums (“The Mörglbl Trio !!” in 1998 and “Bienvenue à Mörglbl Land” in 1999 IHL Rec.). Mörglbl will quickly get international exposure, and Christophe will start some partnerships with top brands such as Laney amps, Vigier guitars, Zoom effects, and become one of their world ambassadors. In the meantime, Christophe, to this day still teaching at E.T.M. music school of Geneva (Switzerland), acquires a solid reputation as a clinician with the release of an instructional video (Heavy metal : les techniques/Birdland) and numerous instructional columns for dozens of guitar magazines. He becomes a regular guest of many music schools and runs master-classes all around the world.

In 2001, he forms Gnô, with Gabriel Vegh and Peter Puke, and releases “Trash Deluxe”. Gnô will tour intensively throughout France until 2003.

Finally, simultaneously with his duo with Pierrejean Gaucher (the 2G), Christophe, for the first time, forms his solo project named Christophe Godin’s Metal Kartoon. The band has toured since 2004, and the album was released in the fall of 2005 (Christophe Godin’s Metal Kartoon / Why Note Rec.). A first solo effort which mixes together humor, virtuosity, and a mix of jazz, funk and metal.

Mörglbl reforms in 2006 and releases Grötesk (Laser’s Edge), a collection of metal jazz compositions that opens doors to the US market, after three successful US tours Their following album Jazz for the deaf (Laser’s Edge), featuring new drummer Aurélien Ouzoulias (who joined the band in 2007) was released in 2010, and the band toured intensively in the US, Russia, China, the UK and all around Europe.

While still recording  and touring with his two bands (“Cannibal Tango” (2011) and “Crass Palace” (2013) with Gnô, “Live and Loud for the Deaf” (Live DVD/2010) and “Brütal Römance” (2012) with Mörglbl), Christophe started a new acoustic duo with guitarist extraordinaire Olivier-Roman Garcia and released their first album in 2013.

Christophe stopped his collaboration with Gnô in 2014 to focus on Mörglbl some more.

Christophe started a partnership with Lâg Acoustic Guitars in 2014.

Mörglbl released Tea Time for Pünks in 2015 and is actually touring preparing some huge events for 2016, the 2Oth year since the band started !!!th

Christophe Godin proudly endorses Vigier electric guitars and Lâg acoustic guitars, Laney amps, Zoom effects, Palmer effects, Dava plectrums, Hercules stands, Four Seasons Pickups, Savarez acoustic strings and Ernie Ball electric strings.


  • Temple
  • Temple (1995)
  • Mörglbl
    • The Mörglbl Trio!! (1998)
    • Bienvenue à Mörglbl Land (1999)
    • Grötesk (2007)
    • Toon Tunes from the Past (2008)
    • Jäzz for the deaf (2009)
    • Live and loud for the Deaf (live DVD/2010)
    • Brütal Römance (2012)
    • Tea Time for Pünks (2016)
  • Gnô
    • Trash Deluxe (2001)
    • Cannibal Tango (2011)
    • Crass Palace (2013)
  • Christophe Godin
    • Christophe Godin’s Metal Kartoon (2005)
  • Collaborations / Duos
    • Jean-Marie Ecay – World Energy Blues (2001)
    • Christophe Chambert – The Family (1999)
    • Rob Van Der Loo’s Freak Neils Inc. (2004)
    • 2G – Pierrejean Gaucher/Christophe Godin (2007)
    • Workshop – eyond the unknown Territory (2008)
    • Mr Fastfinger – The Way of the exploding Guitar (2009)
    • Kalisa – Cybion (2009)
    • Samuel Arkan’s Origins (2010)
    • Plug In – Hijack (2010)
    • Poppy Street – Odyssey (2012)
    • Olivier-Roman Garcia & Christophe Godin (2013)
  • Compilations
    • Guitare attitudes rock influences (1996)
    • Pour une Terre sans mines (1998)
    • Zappanale 13 (2003)
    • The Alchemists 2 (2003)
    • (2005)
    • Zappanale 18 (2007)
    • Guitar Addiction (2011)